Micro-Nano-Mechanical Systems Cleanroom
The Micro-Nano Mechanical Systems (MNMS) Laboratory is a suite of labs and related support rooms, including two cleanroom laboratories for research in the design and fabrication of small-scale mechanical systems. The lab supports research and instruction in the general area of micro- and nano-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS & NEMS), and nano-chemical-electrical-mechanical-manufacturing systems (Nano-CEMMS). 

Micro and Nanotechnology Lab Cleanroom Labs
The cleanroom facilities withing the Mciro and Nanotechnology Laboratory are comprised of 16 separate labs. Eight of the labs are class 100, while the other eight are class 1000. The structure was designed to have less than ten microinches of floor vibration to ensure optimum performance from ultra-sensitive equipment sucha s electron beam lithography systems and scanning electron microscopes.