Engineering Meets Healthcare Delivery

Managed by IHSI, the Biomedical Research Center (BRC) brings Carle Health System physicians and Illinois investigators together to work side-by-side on translational science, driving entrepreneurship and bringing lab discoveries to clinical practice. This partnership creates a unique laboratory setting where basic sciences research is translated to real-world healthcare to create innovative solutions in diagnostics and drug delivery. 


Through ongoing interactions and with the expertise of Biomedical Research Laboratory Director Dr. Tor Jensen, physicians and researchers pair up to identify clinical problems that can be solved with engineering solutions. To expedite work at the BRC, Tor assists researchers in navigating the biosafety, project registration, and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval processes. In addition, he provides project support including the design and implementation of experiments, writing and submitting grant proposals, and coordinating with Carle Hospital resources.


Through its partnership with EnterpriseWorks, an award-winning incubator that serves science and research-based startups commercializing technology, the BRC provides facilities and resources that support entrepreneuers in bringing their inventions to market. 


Examples of new diagnostic technologies resulting from BRC collaborations include:

  • Novel cancer biomarkers and diagnostics for basal-like tumors
  • New biomarker sensor platforms
  • Microfluidic serum analytic devices
  • Tissue contrast agents
  • Microfluidic cell analysis
  • Novel sepsis prediction algorithms

Drug Delivery/Materials

Examples of new material and drug delivery technologies resulting from BRC collaborations include:

  • 3D Novel, engineered bio-materials
  • Immuno-targeted nanoparticle delivery
  • Drug solubilization and targeting
  • Ultrasound-mediated drug delivery

For more information or to request a tour of the BRC, contact Tor Jensen.