Residency & Training Programs with Clinical Partners

Experiential training for health care innovators

Illinois faculty and clinical collaborators support vigorous research residencies, fellowships, and mentorship opportunities. Participants address global health challenges through in-depth, hands-on translational research experiences. We offer opportunities to connect faculty and physicians with residents, research scientists, and doctoral candidates. 

Fellowship for Technology-Based Healthcare with Mayo Clinic

This unique graduate fellowship offered through the Mayo Clinic & Illinois Alliance helps to advance individualized medicine and create a pathway for Illinois students to explore post-graduation employment opportunities at Mayo Clinic. The fellowship offers two years of support for students conducting research on new technologies and clinical tools aimed at advancing individualized medicine. Areas of interest include high performance computing, big data, software development, imaging, nanotechnology, point-of-care diagnostics, bioinformatics, systems biology, genomics, and tissue engineering.  

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Psychiatry Residency Research Program with Carle

A collaboration between Carle Health System and the University of Illinois, the Psychiatry Residency Program helps to develop competency in behavioral research for resident physicians. In this program, residents are expected to conduct a research project within a traditional apprenticeship model with a faculty member and/or their team. Since the resident’s primary goal is to complete medical residency training, they are expected to engage in research at an increasing capacity over the four-year timeframe. Stipends for the resident’s research time are covered by the program.

  • Year 1: approx. 10 hours/week
  • Year 2: approx. 10 hours/week
  • Year 3: approx. 14 hours/week
  • Year 4: between 14 and 24 hours/week

Residents have the option to start working with a faculty member in Year 1 or Year 2 of their residency. A final project is required from the resident by the end of their residency training. The total duration of the collaboration between the resident and faculty mentor depends on the scope of the final project the resident will complete. Various forms of first authorships are acceptable to fulfill the final project requirement (e.g., research project journal publication, poster presentation at a national conference, review article). The final project could be an independent research project that involves research design, data collection, analysis, and write-up, or it could be a review article that will be submitted for publication. The details of the final project are negotiated between the faculty mentor and the resident and are overseen by the residency program faculty. The collaboration between the faculty mentor and the resident will be considered complete upon meeting the standards for the final project, unless both parties have agreed to collaborate beyond this point.

If you are interested in hosting a resident through this program, please email LeaAnn Carson

Questions about the program may be directed to:
Dr. Suzanna Kitten, Core Faculty Psychiatry Residency Program and Clinical Associate Professor (CI-MED and COM-UC)