In response to the needs of investigators, IHSI offers high-quality biostatistical consulting and analysis services in support of biomedical, clinical, and health research.

Our biostatisticians focus on applications in clinical trials, clinical studies, and translational research studies. They work with researchers on a wide range of projects including:

  • Study design
  • Power/sample size calculation
  • Development of data specifications
  • Execution of data specifications requiring data manipulation and preparation of analysis datasets
  • Development of a statistical analysis plan for a grant application
  • Analysis of existing data
  • Interpretation of statistical results
  • Assistance with manuscript development and/or critical review

The team is comprised of experienced PhD- and Master's-level biostatisticians who provide clinicians and investigators with services that are specifically tailored to their needs. The fees for services are as follows:

 Project Type  Fee-for-Service Rate (per hour)*
 Internal Investigators
 Fee-for-Service Rate (per hour)*
 External Investigators


 Expert: $90
 Basic: $30

 Expert: $120
 Basic: $50

 (if Core to be written in grant)

 No charge

 Same as above

 (if Core is written in grant)

 Expert: $90
 Basic: $30
 (Grant charged)

 Same as above
 (Grant charged)










* Rates effective 2/1/18. Rates are re-evaluated regularly and are subject to change.

The Core’s Associate Director evaluates the complexity of all projects to determine the appropriate distribution of expert and basic services required for project completion, and this determination forms the basis of all project cost estimates.

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