2.21.2020 New CRISPR base-editing technology slows ALS progression in mice

Bioengineering professors, Thomas Gaj and Pablo Perez-Pinera lead the study.

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2.18.2020 Hospital-level policies key to maximizing benefits, managing costs of robot-assisted surgery

Robot-assisted surgery is a major advancement in minimally invasive surgical care delivery,...

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2.13.2020 Some bariatric surgery patients don’t sense heightened blood alcohol levels

M. Yamina Pepino and Maria Belen Acevedo research patient sensitivity to alchol after bariatric...

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2.07.2020 Groundbreaking quantum-dot research expected to aid in better diagnoses of diseases like cancer

Bioengineering faculty and recent grads played an important role in this project funded by NIH...
1.31.2020 Knowledge Engine is ready to accelerate genomic research

Illinois and Mayo Clinic collaborate to lead NIH funded Big Data to Knowledge...

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1.29.2020 Study: Tasting no-calorie sweetener may affect insulin response on glucose tolerance test

New research led by M. Yanina Pepino, professor of food science and human nutrition,...

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1.29.2020 Two new grants awarded to Neurotechnology for Memory and Cognition Center at Beckman

NIH will fund the investigation into how neurons and muscle cells communicate with each other....

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1.27.2020 Researchers reverse engineer interaction dynamics of microbial communities

UI researchers publish this work in Nature Communications, January 16, 2020.
1.23.2020 Researchers expand microchip capability with new 3D inductor technology

In a study led by Xiuling Li, an electrical and computer engineering professor at the University...

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1.23.2020 Would modifying payment of the earned income tax credit help struggling families?

Receiving the earned income tax credit in installments rather a lump sum as part of their tax...

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