IHSI is pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap), the renowned data collection and management application, at Illinois.

Research Electronic Data Capture, or REDCap, is a secure web application for building and managing surveys and databases for research studies. Developed by Vanderbilt University in 2004, REDCap is currently used by over 805,000 users in 3,000 institutions throughout 127 countries.

REDCap enables investigators and their research teams to:

  • Build online surveys and databases rapidly and securely
  • Export data to common analysis packages (e.g., Excel, SAS, STATA, R, SPSS)
  • Organize projects, including scheduling visits and setting up reminders for participants, and managing contact lists
  • Control access to data with customizable roles and permissions
  • Provide multi-site access to internal and external collaborators

Tentative launch timeline*

  • Phased Launch – Fall/Winter 2018 – A limited number of research groups will be invited to begin their Illinois REDCap projects
  • Campus-Wide Launch – Spring 2019 – All Illinois research groups will be able to access Illinois REDCap

*Please note this timeline is an estimate and subject to change

More information forthcoming

To learn more about REDCap, please visit project-redcap.org
If you would like to use Illinois REDCap once it is available, please complete this interest form.

Illinois REDCap is administered by the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (IHSI) and powered by Research IT, Technology Services.