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Health researchers at Illinois are working to find solutions to some of today’s most pressing societal health challenges. Learn more about how they conduct their research, what inspires their work, and how the University of Illinois makes it possible. 

Marie Moore Channell & Laura Mattie, PhDs

Illinois REDCap User
Associate Professors, Speech & Hearing Science

"Illinois REDCap comes with video tutorials, live training sessions, and access to highly skilled support staff who understand the research process. Whenever our team wanted to know if something could be done, Michelle Lore and other IHSI REDCap team members would work with us to find a solution."

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Kirby Cook, PhD Candidate

Illinois REDCap User
Doctoral Student, Institute of Communications Research

"The consistent and clear help from the Illinois REDCap team has been extremely important to the projects I have done, as their insights have helped to expand my knowledge on advanced functions and potential options for solving issues."

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Joanna Shisler, PhD

Illinois REDCap User
Affiliate Professor, School of Molecular & Cellular Biology

"Support from the Illinois REDCap team is essential to keeping data collection streamlined and continuing the study uninterrupted."

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Christopher Brooke, PhD

Illinois REDCap User
Assistant Professor, School of Molecular & Cellular Biology

"Illinois REDCap is a great way to manage complex datasets, especially as part of large collaborative groups."

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Liliane Windsor, PhD

Illinois REDCap User
Professor, School of Social Work

"Our project wouldn’t have been successful in launching the data collection on time as needed if it wasn’t for the REDCap platform."

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Manuel Hernandez, PhD

Brain Health
Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology & Community Health

“Given the complexity of health and wellness problems, having interdisciplinary teams allows us to work towards transformative solutions that can make a real-world impact. ”

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Tim Hale, PhD

Health Equity
Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Kinesiology & Community Health

“The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the rapid adoption of telehealth, such as virtual visits and remote monitoring. Although many have benefitted from the use of telehealth, we have also seen that not everyone is able to access or make effective use of the new services.”

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Collin Kieffer, PhD

Microbial Systems
Assistant Professor, School of Molecular & Cellular Biology

“If you dig deeper or look at a biological process in a unique way, you can find something that no one has seen before...You never know where the science is going to take you.”

Meet Prof. Kieffer