Eve Rubovits

8/4/2022 Hannah Wirth

Eve RubovitzCommunity-Academic Scholar: Eve Rubovits (she/her)

Project: Eve worked with Prof. Kevin Tan and Hope Center in Danville to understand the use of PhotoVoice to promote transformative social-emotional learning (TSEL) principles and bring adults and young people together to understand issues faced by the community. Learn more about the project

Mentor reflections: Prof. Tan was excited to embed Eve into the summer team for PhotoVoice activities and experience this research-practice nexus and is pleased that she has very successfully integrated into the team serving Danville. "While Eve previously worked with me on research studies, she didn't really have the "ground-level" experience to truly understand the data/research that we are doing," said Tan. "I hope Eve now sees the intersection between research and practice through this project."

"The community-academic partnership allowed for a diverse learning experience for Eve and an engaging project with our students (PhotoVoice) that will hopefully bring about positive change by having a transformative impact on them and our community," said Lauren Lenstra, Danville Hope Center Program Coordinator. "We hope Eve gained a better understanding of the need for cultural awareness and relevancy in working with youth from diverse backgrounds and the importance of social emotional learning for our students who have been impacted by trauma."

How has participating in this program helped you toward your goals?
Participating in this program has helped me build confidence in myself when learning new things and using skills that I might not feel comfortable with. This will help me reach my future job goals because I believe I will be more ambitious now with what I think I can learn or be responsible for.

What was the most meaningful part of this experience? 
Forming a relationship with my community partner and everyone who worked on the research team has been the most meaningful part of this experience. I felt so welcomed into their community and it was great to have so much help and support with my part of the project.