Video Technology-Based Social Engagement for Older Adults

1/23/2023 6:01:00 AM

CRIS Healthy Aging Center LogoAcademic mentor: Raksha Mudar

Community partner: CRIS Healthy Aging

Project description: 
In collaboration with a community partner, we will examine the real-world efficacy of a video-technology platform called OneClick to carry out day-to-day social engagement activities typically hosted by Home and Community Based Organizations (HCBOs). Older adults are at risk of social isolation, which can lead to negative health and quality of life outcomes. Social engagement can combat the negative effects of social isolation by providing opportunities for meaningful social connection and thereby improving quality of life. Although numerous web-based video technologies have been developed in recent years, few have been designed to meet the unique needs of older adults. As part of a project funded by the National Institute on Aging, we have redesigned OneClick for older adults. To test the real-world efficacy of this platform for use by HCBOs, we are collaborating with CRIS Healthy Aging. We will conduct a "needs assessment" to identify how OneClick can be utilized to offer social engagement activities by an HCBO. Subsequently, we will support our community partner to implement a subset of identified activities using OneClick and have them evaluate the platform's utility for social engagement.  

Role of the Community-Academic Scholar:
The Community-Academic Scholar will be involved in data collection, preliminary data analyses, and dissemination of research. They will engage in activities related to the needs assessment, including conducting interviews with personnel at CRIS Healthy Aging, examining current technological support and required improvement, and identifying social engagement activities that can be implemented on OneClick. The scholar will assist in the development of materials for training staff at CRIS to use OneClick for delivering activities and develop resources for CRIS members to participate in activities using the OneClick platform. The scholar will also assist with data tabulation and tracking.