IHSI 2.0 Spotlight: Illinois REDCap

4/12/2021 4:39:17 PM

Since its campus-wide launch in May 2019, more than 400 users have selected Illinois REDCap for their project’s data needs. Not only is REDCap a useful tool for Illinois investigators—it is an essential component of the campus SHIELD infrastructure.

As outlined in a recent story written by Research IT, the launch of Illinois REDCap at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign was a direct response to the resounding requests of faculty across disciplines. And, throughout its short lifespan, it has continued to adapt to the needs of campus.

Following the closing of in-person services in 2020, the Illinois REDCap team moved to online office hours and workshops to continue serving users, while also offering new project build services. Soon after, the team began supporting Illinois Department of Public Health for data collection related to COVID-19.

“Some people are using REDCap in a way that they might not have before - which is great for them because they see what’s possible,” said Gillian Snyder, Assistant Director for Research at IHSI.

In June 2020, REDCap became an essential component of campus SHIELD: Target, Test, Tell to validate studies and field monthly wellness surveys. It was also used to collect consent for sharing surveys and saliva samples for research and collect consent/symptom information for the FDA EU submission. Now, in addition to active research projects, Illinois REDCap can be used for administrative and operational projects related to university business and long-term storage of research data. 

IHSI’s joint leadership of Illinois REDCap, along with Research IT, Technology Services, and University Library, is an example of our ongoing role within the Illinois health research ecosystem of developing core infrastructure to advance our capabilities and strengthen our impact in the health sciences. The responsiveness of the Illinois REDCap team during the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the power of flexible human infrastructure in a dynamic health environment.

The Illinois REDCap team isn’t stopping. They are exploring a number of additional features, capabilities, and services that they hope to share in the coming months and years.

“Our involvement in the COVID-19 response has pivoted our roles in some ways. Instead of telling us how they want their research done, they come to us with what they want to accomplish and ask us to develop the research design and data flow,” said Michelle Lore, REDCap Applications Specialist. “People only see a fraction of what [REDCap] can do.”

Explore what REDCap has to offer by visiting their core page.

Quotes first published March 15, 2021: Multi-unit collaboration leads to Illinois REDCap, a secure, HIPAA-compliant research tool for surveys and more by Mariana Seda, Technology Services.

About IHSI 2.0

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IHSI 2.0 responds both to the university and community needs uncovered during the COVID-19 pandemic and to the longer-term changes to the health landscape at Illinois since IHSI first launched in 2014.  

The health sciences ecosystem at Illinois has significantly matured and expanded in recent years, with significant new investments and facilities capable of powering research advances in promising areas. IHSI provides the critical infrastructure for accelerating health research campus wide. IHSI is building core services and expertise, partnerships, and resources similar to NIH-funded Clinical and Translational Science Institutes (CTSIs), a successful model for expanding the impact and reputation of the health sciences.

IHSI is strengthening and diversifying its “CTSI-like” cores to provide identifiable, reliable services and resources in support of health research campus wide. The institute’s existing and highly productive cores—Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD); REDCap; and Community-Academic Partnerships—will continue, joined by newly formed cores—Clinical Partnerships (to include the long-standing Mayo Clinic & Illinois Alliance), Research Development, and Health Equity. The superb staff at IHSI will continue to provide the services, resources, and expertise the research community knows and expects, but through the new IHSI 2.0 core structure.