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IHSI research support teams introduce core services and resources

4/22/2021 2:19:49 PM

On Tuesday, April 20, the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute hosted, “Introducing IHSI 2.0.” This one-hour information session gave participants an opportunity to learn more about how IHSI is restructuring to enrich the health sciences ecosystem and to help individual researchers increase their impact at each stage of the research lifecycle.

Representatives for each of IHSI’s core teams discussed the roles IHSI can play in strategic planning, building research teams, finding funding, proposal development, research design, implementation, and more. Participants asked thoughtful questions during the panel discussion that followed. 

View the recording below. For ease of navigation, we have time-stamped the core presentations and each of the questions asked during the panel discussion.

Core Presentations 

[3:09] Research Development

[8:32] Community-Academic Partnerships

[13:32] Health Equity 

[16:44] Clinical Partnerships (including the Mayo Clinic and Illinois Alliance) 

[22:03] Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD)

[27:04] Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap)

Questions from the panel discussion 

[33:31] Would it be possible to still provide feedback to the Health Equity core on new services? Can someone who was not sent the survey previously still complete it?

[34:12] Could you clarify what is meant by "core"? If I have a project that might connect with multiple cores, how do I decide which core to contact?

[35:35] Does IHSI or its cores integrate/interface with the other U of I campuses (Springfield, Chicago) for cross-campus health initiatives?

[37:19] How does IHSI’s research development team work with grant administration service offices on campus?

[38:59] How does IHSI partner specifically with the College of ACES to embed sustainability and systems design into project and community health outcomes?

[41:48] Where does environmental health research and outreach fit into your program?

[43:39] Does one BERD member work with a single client/collaborator or the whole BERD team?

[44:55] What is the process for faculty members seeking assistance with building community engagement into their research? Is the Clinical Partnerships core able to match all researchers with clinical partners?

[47:13] What sets REDCap apart from other survey tools such as Qualtrics?

[49:09] How does the Research Development core differ from the Office of Proposal Development?

[52:17] How does BERD handle data in terms of de-identified or identifiable data?

[53:21] Can you describe the Mayo Clinic & Illinois Alliance's research opportunities for students?

[55:13] Can you describe the process of developing a clinical research partnership?

[56:05] What is your favorite thing about working with REDCap?