The University of Illinois has exceptional basic, engineering, and applied health science research programs. From genomics to neuroscience, our world-class faculty are finding ground-breaking, innovative solutions that address individual, community, and global health issues

Why Health?

Health transcends all boundaries – it is incredibly impactful to all people, in all communities across the globe, in countless ways. As a land-grant institution, health is a powerful vehicle for reaching our communities with extraordinary, life-changing impact.

Health Sciences at Illinois

Illinois has unique ability to view the world through a variety of interdisciplinary prisms and to work collaboratively. Our commitment to health and well-being transcends any one department, college, or unit.

With the aim of enhancing people’s lives and expanding the human experience, we hope that our colleagues, leaders, and partners across campus and in the community continue to make their profound contributions in addressing health challenges and boosting well-being, and will feel welcome to join us in elevating Illinois’ local, national, and global impact in the health sciences arena.