Together, we are transforming healthcare.

The Mayo Clinic and University of Illinois Alliance is a powerful collaboration working to solve today's health challenges. Our two world-class institutions are changing lives through innovative research activities, unique education programs, and shared passion and values.

Administered by IHSI, the Mayo Clinic and University of Illinois Alliance for Technology-Based Healthcare aims to blend the technical engineering expertise of Illinois with the clinical practice expertise of the Mayo Clinic to develop new technologies that will transform the practice of medicine. Visit to learn more about the innovative research activities and unique education programs that make the alliance one of the most successful statements of Illinois' nationwide impact.

Collaboration Fosters Innovation

  • Transformative research collaborations toward patient-specific medical care
  • Advancements in generating, interpreting, and applying genomic data to address unmet patient needs
  • Breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of life-changing disorders and chronic diseases
  • Groundbreaking education to inform the healthcare provider of the future
  • Attention, exploration, and funding for new innovations and advances