Health Equity

Inclusion and equity in health research

The Health Equity core provides guidance for designing, conducting, and disseminating research that reduces health disparities and works towards positive health outcomes for all members of society. We provide research development services and support community-academic collaboration during all stages of of the research process.

Research Development

Working in tandem with the research development team, we partner with health researchers to strategically plan and develop proposals and to lower grant-seeking barriers through support services and training. IHSI research development professionals have diverse scientific backgrounds and experience developing research and programs that advance health equity. 

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Community Engagement

The Health Equity team joins researchers, students, community organizations, health systems, industry partners, and community members in addressing health disparities through student programming, seminars, and research collaborations. We work closely with the Community-Academic Partnerships team to promote equitable and inclusive collaborations that strengthen the impact of health research.

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Connections and Team Building

Achieving equity through research requires diverse perspectives and participants. The Health Equity team facilitates connections within and beyond the university to accelerate research initiatives aimed at reducing health disparities and creating healthy and equitable communities.

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Brandi Barnes

Research Development Manager

I appreciate your ideas and feedback about services and resources that would best support your health equity work. Please contact me to discuss your research or project-based needs. I look forward to working with you!